OpenMOLE is fully working under OpenJDK 8 and above. OpenJDK is the recommended option. You can check which Java version you're running by typing java -version in a console.
If you use the closed-source Oracle Java virtual machine (which is probably the case if you are working on Mac or Windows), you have to install the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) available at the bottom of this page in order for OpenMOLE to be fully functional.
JCE is an archive containing a bunch of files that you should replace in the jre/lib/security directory of your java installation. It enables strong cryptographic algorithms.
Another concern for Mac users are the concurrent versions of Java that are often present on the same system. Mac OS ships with a default Java 6 that is not suitable to execute OpenMOLE. You must install Java 8 or greater and set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to the install location on your machine (typically the directory containing .../bin/java).
Old versions of OpenMOLE software and documentation are available here. Due to a data loss in 2016, the versions from OpenMOLE 6 are available only.
When one of the SSH authentications you've added to OpenMOLE is marked as failed, you can try these few steps to identify the problems.
If you are using OpenMOLE in console mode, enable the FINE level of logging in the console using: logger.level("FINE")
If you are using the LoginPassword authentication you might want to double check the user and password you entered since one of them is more than likely incorrect.
SSH Keypair Authentication
In such a case, we'll have to investigate multiple options, as SSH public key authentications are sensitive to several configuration parameters.
Public key authentication has usually a higher priority than password-based authentication when trying to connect to a remote server. Thus, when you attempt an SSH connection to the the target environment, if your client asks you to enter a password (please note that a passphrase is different from a password), then your public key authentication is not taken into account.
SSH will skip your public key in case of bad configuration. The most common cases of badly configured keypairs are the following:
If you still could not solve your SSH authentication problems, another option is to recreate a public/private keypair using the ssh-keygen shell command. Store it to a different file to avoid overwriting the one already in place. You might also want to try a simple LoginPassword authentication as explained in the SSH section.
Adding the -vvv flag to your ssh command will give a lot more details on the communication between your client and the remote server. This will allow you to find out which authentication is successful as well as the order in which the authentication modes are tried.
If you think OpenMOLE is crashed or stuck for some reason, here are a few things you can check from your system to decide whether it's just a temporary slow down or if the platform did actually crash.
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