A Computational Engine for Custom Simulation Experiments

OpenMOLE has been developped since 2008 as a free and open-source platform. It explores, diagnoses your numerical model and optimizes its dynamics, taking advantage of distributed computing environments. The typical usages are model calibration, model exploration, machine learning, optimization, data processing.
OpenMOLE comes with a web interface that enables you to write scripts around your models. You can describe how to explore your own model and how to distribute its executions on HPC environments in a few lines of code !
OpenMOLE runs your own program, whatever the language. Java, Binary exe, NetLogo, R, SciLab, Python, C++...
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Explore spaces of parameters, optimize, test the sensitivity of your model through innovative methods
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Scale up your experimentations with no effort on servers, clusters, grids, clouds, ...
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Take a tour in the Getting started section, with the GUI guide, in the Documentation and latter learn Advanced concepts. Have also a look to the full site map