Build the web site

The source code of the website and the OpenMOLE's documentation are hosted along in the code repository. You might spot a typo/incorrect spelling/grammar mistake/bad wording or simply want to improve a part of the documentation you think is unclear. If so, you're more than welcome to correct our mistakes and improve the documentation. To check your changes before sending us a Pull Request, here is how to build a local copy of the website/documentation.
cd openmole
git submodule update --init
sbt "project org-openmole-site" assemble
cd bin/
./site --target /path/of/the/site

The site will be generated in the target directory passed as parameter to ./site. In case you do not provide a target folder, one named openmole-doc-html will be created for you in the current directory.

Updating the git submodules is mandatory the first time you set up your OpenMOLE development environment. It pulls the examples from the market place that are necessary to build the documentation website.

Optionally you can use ./site /path/to/the/site --no-test in order to disable the tests of the scripts, which is (really) time-consuming. The tests concerning the examples from the OpenMOLE market can in turn be disabled using --no-market-test.