Migration guide

This section list the changes in the OpenMOLE language from one version to another in order to help you to migrate your workflows.

From 5 to 6

  • Merging workflow parts is no longer performed using the '+' symbol but the '&' symbol
  • In capsules "strainer = true" becomes "strain = true"

  • ScalaTask: the "workDir" variable as been renamed "workDirectory"
  • NetLogoTask: the syntax NetLogo5Task(workspace, "script.oms") is no longer valid, you should use NetLogo5Task.workspace(workspace, "script.oms")

  • EGI: No more ProxyFile authentication, authentication is made through P12 or PEM
  • EGI: EGIEnvironment is a DIRACEnvironment now, to use the WMS services use the WMSEnvironment

  • Evolution: full API rewrite, see the doc