Welcome to the OpenMOLE documentation.

OpenMOLE is a scientific workflow engine that works with your own programs and on your own execution environments. OpenMOLE has a wide range of use cases from high-performance parameter tuning, to large datasets exploration, model calibration, and pretty much any other thing you can think of :)

To specify your workflow in OpenMOLE you will use a high-level workflow language. To get started with OpenMOLE, you might want to first have a look at the getting started tutorial and at the OpenMOLE market place containing workflow examples, check how to handle the OpenMOLE application and go through the concept in OpenMOLE: Tasks, Transitions, Environments, Workflow, Hooks...

The OpenMOLE community is very friendly. To get some help, don't hesitate to post your questions on the OpenMOLE user mailing list: users 'at' (you should subscribe first).