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Get ready 🔗

You will need the following tools to design your plugin:
  • The git software
  • SBT, the Scala Building Tool
The first step is to clone the github repository for OpenMOLE :
git clone
In order to generate documentation with scalaTex, openMOLE need some libraries. Into your recently cloned openmole folder, call these three commands to compile libraries:
git lfs fetch
(cd build-system && sbt publishLocal)
(cd libraries && sbt publishLocal)

Compiling documentation 🔗

You're now ready to compile the actual documentation. Move into the nested openmole folder and run sbt to generate the website:
cd openmole
sbt buildSite
The generated site is visible by opening openmole/openmole/bin/ in your browser !

Adding a new page 🔗

Scalatex file are located into the bin folder bin/
cd openmole/openmole/bin/
For this example, we try to add this current page "Documentation Generation" to Developers. Into your favorite IDE :
  • open /org/openmole/site/Pages.scala and search the def developersPages entry
  • add this new compileDocumentation variable
lazy val compileDocumentation = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Documentation generation", content = scalatex.documentation.developers.DocumentationGen)
After that, we add compileDocumentation to the pageNode corresponding to the "Developers" entry on the website:
def developersPages = pageNode(developers, Vector(console, pluginDevelopment, extensionAPI, restAPI, documentationGen))
Now, leave the Pages.scala file and create a new scalatex file documentaionGen.scalatex into /openmole/community/documentation/developers/. We add a new link to the list of pages using:
@li{How to compile and modify the @a("documentation", href := DocumentationPages.documentationGen.file)}

Cheatsheet Scalatex 🔗