Scale up on SSH

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The SSHEnvironment makes it possible to delegate tasks to a remote multi-core server through an SSH connection.

You should first provide your authentication information to OpenMOLE to be able to use your batch system. Then, all that is left is to define is the environment itself. Here is a use example:

val env =
    10 // The number of cores you want to use on the remote server

You also can set options by providing additional parameters to the environment (..., option = value, ...):
  • port: the port number used by the ssh server, by default it is set to 22,
  • openMOLEMemory: the memory of attributed to the OpenMOLE runtime on the execution node, if you run external tasks you can reduce the memory for the OpenMOLE runtime to 256MB in order to have more memory for you program on the execution node, for instance openMOLEMemory = 256 megabytes,
  • threads: the number of threads for concurrent execution of tasks on the worker node, for instance threads = 4,
  • workDirectory: the directory in which OpenMOLE will execute on the remote server, for instance workDirectory = "${TMP}",
  • name: the name an environment will take in the logs.
  • killAfter: use the timeout command to kill the process after a given time, for exemple killAfter = 24 hours