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ScilabTask 🔗

Scilab is an open source software initially designed for numerical computation (see the official website). It provides its own high-level scripting language and can be used as a computing kernel only. Note that it includes most of proprietary Matlab's functionalities and that a set of conversion tools exists (doc).

Preliminary remark 🔗

The ScilabTask only works on Linux systems. If you are running OpenMOLE on a different system you won't be able to use it. This limitation may be overcome in the future when docker is installed on MacOS and Windows.

Simple ScilabTask 🔗

Here is a dummy workflow multiplying a vector dArray by i using a ScilabTask:
val i = Val[Int]
val dArray = Val[Array[Double]]

val m =
  ScilabTask("dArray = dArray * i") set (
    inputs += i mapped "i",
    inputs += dArray mapped "dArray",
    outputs += i,
    outputs += dArray mapped "dArray",
    i := 9,
    dArray := Array(9.0, 8.0)

m hook DisplayHook()